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Cat in cage

Here for you
and your pets
since 1989

Pet Passports & Microchipping

  • The only veterinary clinic in Ely providing 24/7 on–site/in-house emergency service with your regular vets that are familiar with your pets medical history
  • It is a legal requirement to microchip your dog from April 6th 2016
Dog at vets

Make sure your pets can always come home

  • Ensure your pet can be re-united with you in the event it is lost or stolen.
  • Collars and tags can slip off or be removed by thieves, but a microchip is a permanent way to identify your pet.
  • From April 6th 2016 it is a legal requirement to microchip all dogs.
 Dog running in park

Include your pet in the family holiday with a pet passport

  • We can complete pet passports for dogs, cats, and other pets.
  • A pet passport is evidence that your pet has been properly prepared for the trip, including microchipping and rabies vaccination.
  • When completing a pet passport additional advice given regarding possible health risks while abroad.
  • A pet passport covers trips to Europe. If you are travelling outside of Europe a health certificate is required.
  • For more information contact a member of our team.
Dog being microchipped

Don’t take any chances; microchip your pet so that you can be reunited.

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Out of hours emergency number: